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Group Keyboard
Your child will have fun learning the fundamentals of playing a keyboard and ensemble playing.
Music Theory
Your child will learn to understand, read, speak, write, analyze and compose music.  The goal is to provide your child with true musical literacy.
Music Appreciation
Your child will be introduced to music exposing them to our global diversity and will explore various cultures through the study of music and music history.
Digital Recording &
CD Production
Your child will create a music CD project applying technical recording activities like dubbing, recording at sample rates, sound quality, editing and more.
Music Science
Your child will engage in activities to get them excited about science through experiments designed to demonstrate, challenge and bring concepts to life using the science of sound.  Students will gather facts, observe and make hands-on discoveries.
Your child will be led to focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health-related careers where students can see the distinct variety of career paths they can follow as they continue to incorporate music study as a part of their learning.
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