Just Lovin' Music Studios, Inc.

Just Lovin' Music Studios, Inc. (JLMS) mission is to develop the whole child by restoring comprehensive music education programs in and alongside our schools in order to create a positive alternative for potentially at-risk children and youth.

JLMS, founded in 1996, is an incorporated non-profit business dedicated to enriching and enhancing the lives of youth through learning instrumental music. We have served over 5,000 students by bringing our comprehensive musical educational resources to the Los Angeles area public, charter, and private schools and after-school programs.

For most of us growing up, music programs were considered an automatic part of our education, and we look back on that fondly. Can you imagine not having that available? As you know, music education is missing in many of today's schools.

JLMS is an advocate for the inclusion of music education in every child's education as an absolute essential mission of developing the "whole" child. Schools without music education are at risk of bringing up a generation of children without emotional, spiritual and cultural development, which music provides. With continuing budget challenges in the State of California, less than 25% of elementary school children have access to any form of music education through their schools.

Our program's holistic approach is uniquely ours and includes a comprehensive and interactive music curriculum that enhances goal-setting, coordination, concentration, and etiquette. We extend the learning to integrate STEM activities designed to build creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills students will need for success in the future.

The program is designed to expose students, from different social and ethnic backgrounds, to our global diversity and help them explore various cultures through music appreciation. In addition, students are led to focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health-related careers where students can see the distinct variety of career paths they can follow as they continue to incorporate music study as a part of their learning. This provides a constructive, positive alternative for potentially at-risk children and youth, instead of violence, drugs and on-street activities.

Whether on the school campus or at an after-school venue, JLMS is making its music educational programs accessible to many kids who have a desire to learn an instrument, but resources are challenging. Our goal is to make our program affordable.


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