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Just Lovin' Music Studios, Inc.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit music education organization with a mission to develop the whole child by restoring comprehensive music education programs in and alongside our schools in order to create a positive alternative for potentially at-risk children & youth.


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Over $1 Million in Funding



Served in Over 40 Schools



Over 5,000 Students Served




Give the Gift of Music to a Child!

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JLMS Inc. Product Line

Personalized Clothing

Personalized Gifts

JLMS makes its music educational programs accessible to kids who have a desire to learn an instrument, but resources are challenging. You can help, too! Buy from our store and help us to raise money to give to deserving students who need assistance.

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Personalized items.

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Women's, Men's & Kid's Apparel.


Hats, Bags, Watches, Scarves, Keychains, and much more.

Reasons to Support?

  • Give the Gift of Music! +

    Your commitment of support to JLMS will give the gift of music to a child and make a difference in their young life.
  • How are Funds Used? +

    JLMS will be able to make its music educational programs accessible to kids who have a desire to learn an instrument.
  • Benefits of Music Education +

    Please explore our Why Music pages to learn more about the benefits of music education.
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    Something about a 4th benefit here.
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