We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit music education organization with a mission to develop the whole child by restoring comprehensive music education programs in and alongside our schools in order to create a positive alternative for potentially at-risk children & youth.

Benefits of Music Education
Discover how playing an instrument benefits your brain and examines
some of the long-term positive effects of this.
Integrated STEM activities
Our objective is to encourage children to take an interest in science,
technology engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Every Child Can Learn
By making it possible for a child to play a musical instrument, you are providing
the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and achievement.
Music Programs
Our music programs are designed to take students with little
to no music knowledge and turn them into knowledgeable musicians.
Give the "Gift of Music"
Through JLMS programs, we form collaborations with children, parents and schools. Together we are making
a difference in our children, emotionally, spiritually, culturally and academically.


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